Mission 1:

Mission Brief: You have to pick up Franky from the hospital.

Should you drive through the neighborhood, you can cut through the various alleys. If you head straight down the road towards the Burgers World, just turn left at the T-Intersection.

Mission 2:

Mission Brief: Teach the West Gang a lesson. You may need a weapon.

There are two ways to complete this mission. If you want the easy way, get a car and run the Gang Members over.

You can also get a gun from the Weapon-Nation and take them out with guns.

Mission 3:

Mission Brief: Deliver 5 burgers for Franky.

The best advice for this one is go slow around curves (Or you fall off your bike and lose health) and cut through alleys.

Mission 4:

Mission Brief: Talk to Franky after the West Gang blows up your car.

Walk to Franky.

Mission 5:

Mission Brief: Drive to Franky's House.

Cut corners.

Mission 6:

Mission Brief: Take out the West Gang and retrieve Bruno Rastelli's money.

Refer to the advice for Mission 2.

Mission 7:

Mission Brief: Deliver the packages for Bruno.

Vans are hard to control. Go slow around corners and DO NOT hit anything at high speeds.