History Edit


The only known history before returning to Parter City is that he was working with someone named Franky, whose last name is unknown.

After returning to Parter City, Eric finds that Franky is in the hospital, and the first mission leads him to his father's (whose name is unknown) red Dodge Ram, where he then drives to the hospital to pick Frankie up. He then drives Frankie home, learning that he was ambushed by members of the West Gang, the only gang in Parter City.

The second mission brings him to a car park where he is kills three 'West Gang' members. After defeating them, he returns home to get a call from Franky, warning Eric that the West Gang can be extremely deadly. The protagonist brushes it off, and seeks revenge for Frankie anyway.

Soon Frankie learns that Eric is short on money (You start with $300) and invites him to the local Burgers World to get some easy money by delivering burgers for $60 per successful delivery. Eric complains, but eventually gives in and delivers the burgers.

Shortly afterward, the West Gang destroys Eric's red Dodge Ram, making his thirst for revenge larger.

Eric then returns to Franky's house where Franky introduces him to Bruno Rastelli, the head of the mafia. Bruno pays Eric $500 in advance.

In a mission for Bruno, Eric takes out 9 West Gang members to get Bruno's money back, as the gang owes him.

The last part of the story (As of 6/15/15, when the game is in Beta 0.6) is Bruno asking Eric to deliver packages in a white van.