Mods are addons made by the community, for Crime Life 3 are currently 2 mods available one is inactive link below mods and tutorial to make mods for Crime life 3.

Crime Life 3 Hack Edit

Probably the first mod for crime life 3, changes some texture on vehicles and player link is inactive

Creator: jamecrowley

Link: [1]

Instalation: Unknown

Crime Life 3 New Mod Edit

The second mod for crime life 3, changes some texture on clothes, pedestrian, cars color, walls, water GTA San andreas Weapon icons and some new objects on the map in development but link availble.

Planned: new radar hd texture and more objects.

Zip version include source for gamemaker, Save all missions 99999 money and decompiler so u can decompile exes for use with gamemaker.

Creator: crime life fan

Link: [2] only exe: [3]

Instalation: Zip: Unzip the contents in the crime life 3 folder and start crimelife3mod.exe exe:Put crimelife3mod.exe in the crime life 3 folder and start.

How to make mods Edit

For making mods for CL3 you will need gamemaker pro (8.1) Recommended i think gamemaker studio will work but not tested do not use lite version, and the crime life 3 source (.gmk .gm81) to edit files textures etc, use the decompiler to decompile the exe simple drag exe into decompiler open with. finally open source with Game maker on advanced mode maybe confuse on first but u will get hang of edit.

Tools: Edit

Game Maker 8.1 tutorial [4]

Decompiler included in zip mod.

Legal Edit

Game was make by sakis25 with many effort. we have the intention to only change game is proibited to sell game, only share the link for others.